Veerle Verheyen | Voice over, presentation, dubbing | Stemactrice | Female Flemish voice over | Voix off flamand féminine | Flämisch weibliche stimme
So, now you know what I look like too. My voice has been familiar to you for a long time. I am also often used by leading advertising agencies, illustrious production houses at home and abroad and top brands. You might have already heard me doing a voice-over for an advertisement on radio and TV. In corporate communication or within the context of e-learning. Via the telephone, as the voice which takes you through the menus. As the GPS guides you to your destination. Or in the museum full of fascinating information, via the audio guide. Maybe even as the voice used for dubbing characters in films or series.

A feeling of déjà vu? You might have already seen me as well. If you have ever tuned into TVL, you might know me as the news anchor. Or as the presenter of a show or event. Behind the scenes you might know me as a voice director.

Checkpoint Would you like a quick reminder of exactly what Veerle Verheyen sounds like? Or would you prefer a handy list of the various registers I master? Over to my portfolio then.

And this is why For anyone who is considering calling on my services, I am happy to remind you of what makes me stand out from the crowd. My many years of experience mean I have a very good feel for what the client wants and what the product requires. When it comes to registers I'm as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife, when it comes to timing I'm as accurate as a Swiss watch. In addition, all my assignments are carried out with the utmost concentration and a strong technique. Just what you're after, right?
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